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Food Pictures and Inspirations

Food Pictures and Inspirations

Although I’ve never had anyone ask, I bet some of my readers wonder why I don’t have actual pictures of my recipes on my site.  If you’ve ever tried to photograph food, you know why!  Food and jewelry are two of the hardest things to photograph (or so I’m told).

Just recently I have been inspired to try again and to photograph my recipes.  I’ve joined Pinterest and get so hungry browsing all the yummy food photos!  It was there that I saw this picture:

I seriously wanted to jump through my computer screen and eat those cookies.  They are Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookies with PB cups and PB M&Ms.  WOW.  After browsing around the Love Veggies and Yoga blog (don’t let the name fool you – Averie has the yummiest looking desserts ever!) and looking at all of her beautiful food pictures, I became inspired.  I ordered a book, on her recommendation, grabbed my camera and started shooting.

I started with something easy and snapped some pictures for the next few days.  I tried my hand at those cookies too!

The cookies were yummy, as expected.  My pictures?  They’re getting better.  I recently made Pasta Fagioli and added a picture to that.  Not half bad.

So this serves as a new inspiration for me.  Which is good!  My goal of not eating out is going splendidly; we didn’t eat out once during January!  All these goals and inspirations make me want to set more goals, so now my head is swirling with ideas.

My husband wants more recipes with whole foods – not so many with canned soups and other things with preservatives.  I’d like a list of recipes with only 5 ingredients.  I’d also like to compile a list of recipes that can be made for a family of 4-6 for under $15.  (That’s total – not per serving!)  I’ve had more ideas, but those are just a few to start.

Right now I’m off to make more crockpot dinners and take more pictures.  Or maybe browse Pinterest for awhile….

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  1. Thanks for linking up my cookies and for the sweet words and compliments!

    Glad you liked the cookies and hope you’re enjoying Plate to Pixel!

    • No problem Averie – the cookies were so good, and your food pictures are wonderful!

      Thanks for the inspiration!

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