Thanksgiving in our House

Thanksgiving in our House

Thanksgiving in our House

I sure hope I’m not the only person thinking “Thanksgiving already?”.  Last I checked it was June 23rd – where did summer and fall go?

This year is especially busy for us!  One of the main differences with the 2012 Holiday Season is that our home is in our local community’s “Holiday Parade of Homes”.  Needless to say, my husband and I are scurrying around finishing up house projects, cleaning and organizing.  Against my better judgement I was browsing the Christmas aisles as soon as they were put out by local retailers (yes, that was around Halloween) looking for new decorations.


With all that going on, I don’t see a turkey in my future.  Know what?  That’s okay.


Frankly, no one in our house likes turkey.  This is not the first Thanksgiving where our table has not been packed full with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and green bean casserole.


In fact, I don’t know that I’ve prepared a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in the past decade.  We’re kind of a Non-Traditional Holiday Meal type-family.  That’s okay too.  See for us, it’s the family that counts.  The food is important too, but as long as it’s good food, it doesn’t matter too much what it is.


The day before Thanksgiving is traditionally when my mom and I go Christmas Shopping.  No, not the day after Thanksgiving – the day before.  Sound strange?  It’s awesome.  You should try it; the stores are completely empty.  Everybody is saving up for Black Friday.  Anyway, after a full day of shopping I’ll no doubt want to come home to a crockpot meal.


Honestly, Thanksgiving Day will probably be spent working on the house.  My youngest is looking forward to decorating all the trees (yes, being in the parade there will be more than one!) so we’ll likely start that on Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving Dinner?  No turkey for us.  Giving thanks?  We do it every day.


I might have to sneak in making a pumpkin pie though.translation toбиолprocess development life cycleзимние шины дешевоукладка ламината стоимость 1 кв м

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