2013 – A Year of Change

2013 – A Year of Change

2013-09-14 14.11.23For any of you who have looked at my past year and realized the posts were very few and far between, I can now explain why:  it was truly a year of change for me.


In 2013 I moved twice, changed jobs a few times, am now divorced, rekindled old friendships, gained new friends, got new jobs, and lots more.  My daughter and I grew side by side and day by day, hugging a lot and saying “I love you” even more.  My life came full circle as I went back to a teaching position that I had before my daughter was born.  I also began working for a friend of the family that I had worked with some 20 years ago.  I’ve run into old friends, had numerous lunches, lots of laughs, and remembered lots of old memories that I had forgotten.  But although there have been numerous changes, some things stayed – like our trip to the apple orchard and our farmers market trips.


Interestingly enough, food changed too.  Dinners with my daughter and I didn’t need to be quite so fancy, though she did ask me for garlic shrimp quite a bit.  Mac and cheese, pizza roll-ups, and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches graced my dinner table multiple times.  Not to say I didn’t have culinary creations or use my crockpot; I certainly did.  I just find it interesting in looking back; how so many things changed last year, and my approach to cooking did too.


So what does this mean?  Recipes for you!  I have a yummy Kielbasa Noodle dish that your whole family will gobble up (mine sure did).  Plus you’ll learn about my 2013 Non Traditional Christmas Dinner (Moroccan this year!) and how I’ve survived since December 1st with no oven.


Yes, no oven.  Christmas baking, Holiday treats, Christmas dinner, a birthday dinner, and New Years – all with no oven.  It’s been interesting.


So here’s to all the change, growth, and lessons we experienced in 2013, and to a wonderful 2014!как жарить на керамической сковородекастрюля чугунная с крышкойb2b системыtranslation services agencyколичество запросов по слову

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