About Us

I began Natalie’s Recipes six years ago, when I rediscovered my crockpot.  At that time my daughter was 1, my twin stepsons were 4, and my stepdaughter was 10.  In those days, it was homework with my stepdaughter, keeping the twins out of trouble, and feedings and diapers that sent me to crockpot cooking.


Now my daughter is 7, my stepsons are 10, and my 16 year old loves her new found freedom of having her driver’s license.  There are no more feedings and diapers, but the homework has passed on to the twins and my daughter and I’m still trying to keep those twin boys out of trouble!  My family has lived on crockpot cooking for years now and we all have our favorites.


More importantly, with a few minutes in the morning I can enjoy the moments right before dinner without the frantic running around trying to figure out what to eat tonight.


Crockpots truly aren’t for just pot roasts and chili anymore (though I’ve got some tasty recipes for those too).  Come discover the joys of stress free crockpot cooking with my quick, easy, flavorful crockpot recipes!китайские пеицыкисти для макияжа Natural Shinebest binaryкомпании спбшины летние тойо купить