Asian Recipes

Shrimp and Pea Pod Stir Fry

We make stir fry a lot.  Normally it's just me looking in the fridge seeing a bunch of different veggies and deciding to throw them all into a stir fry with whatever sauces or seasoning I have on hand. 

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Chicken Satay

This summer we're grilling out.  A lot.  Like every day.  I get bored with the same old recipes pretty quickly, so after we grilled through our normal burgers, brats, steaks, chicken breasts, tilapia, and tuna steaks I wanted something new.

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Thai Chicken Drummies

I cannot take the credit for this recipe; it was all my nephew.  Last weekend, we invited him and his family over for a cookout.  I offered chicken breasts and pasta salad.  He brought 20 drumsticks and Red Hot Sauce.  He used that on 1/3 of them, bbq sauce on 1/3, and then asked "do you have sauces we could mix together for a Thai flavor?"

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Asian Grilled Tuna

It's summertime, which for our family means a nice mixture of crockpot meals and sides and grilling.  This year I've decided to experiment with way more than just your average steak, burgers, brats, or chicken.

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Veggie Spring Rolls

My family loves stir fry, crab rangoon, egg rolls, you name it.  Making veggie spring rolls seemed a logical next step (because frankly I'm a bit intimidated thinking of rolling my own sushi).

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Beefy Asian Skillet

I know everyone has had this happen:  you look in your fridge and pantry and find a mish-mosh of ingredients, none of which would make a meal when thrown together.  This was exactly what happened to me when we had this Asian Skillet one night, and contrary to my original thoughts, it has become a family favorite.

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Crab Rangoon

A version of the restaurant classic that is surprisingly easy to make, and healthier - baked not fried!  Don't forget the dipping sauces. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:144]escort rawescortindian escorts kuala lumpurarab shemalebinary option broker

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Beef Curry

My sister in law is an incredible chef and used to make lamb curry for us all the time.  Once we talked about using beef and making it in the crockpot, and it worked out perfectly!! [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:57]асусукраинынские боксеры профессионалыпродвижение сайтов компанииsingapore escort.comсправка о несудимости киев

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