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Natalie’s Recipes Thoughts and News

2013 – A Year of Change

For any of you who have looked at my past year and realized the posts were very few and far between, I can now explain why:  it was truly a year of change for me.  

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The Most Recent Birthday Dinner Request

I love how kids change their minds.  Parents - you know exactly what I'm talking about.  Like the 8 different things they tell you they want to be for Halloween, preventing you from getting their costume until 2 days before?  This year's birthday dinner was the same way!

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Sometimes Life Happens

It may seem like I had disappeared for awhile.  Well, I guess I sort of did.

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Christmas Baking – What to Make

Christmas Baking used to be a huge tradition for me.  I would spend two weekends making so many different varieties of treats, candies, bars, and cookies.  Friends and family would anxiously await their treat packages each year, all having their favorites tucked inside.  Lately, I haven't made quite the extravaganza I did in the past, but what is Christmas without a little baking?

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Our 2012 Non-Traditional Christmas Dinner

Last year I shared with you my family's tradition of a Non Traditional Christmas Dinner.  It is truly a beloved tradition at Christmastime for us, and one that has grown to include many friends and family.

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Leftover Turkey Recipes

Know what I just realized?  There's not one turkey recipe on this site.  Shows how much we have turkey in our house!

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Thanksgiving in our House

I sure hope I'm not the only person thinking "Thanksgiving already?".  Last I checked it was June 23rd - where did summer and fall go?

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Crockpots for Christmas

Christmas, you say?  Yes, I begin thinking about Christmas gifts in November.  Hey - I'm not like some of my friends who have all of their Christmas presents purchased and wrapped by July 30th.

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Weekly Meal Planning – Then and Now

Meal Planning for me used to be all or nothing.  I would either take hours on Sunday writing down every single meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), search through our pantry, and then create my grocery list, or I completely wing it come 4pm each night often dashing to the grocery store in hopes the dinner fairy would arrive and tell me what to cook.  Until now.

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Crockpot Lunch Crock

I HAVE TO HAVE THIS.  Which is weird, because I work from home.  So basically my 'commute' is shuffling in my slippers from my bedroom through my kitchen and living room and into my office (with a bypass at the coffee pot).

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