Crockpot Tips

Does Your Crock pot Work?

It seems like a silly question and you probably already answered ‘yes’. But unless your crock pot physically falls apart (like one of mine just did), how do you know it’s working properly? Most of us can figure out when we need a new coffeemaker or our toaster has run amuck, but what about your crock pot? How do you know if you’re crock pot is too old? If there are 1970s style flowers painted all over the heating element that may be a clue (I have one of those too – mine’s dark green with purple flowers). But I’m actually talking about it not cooking properly. Slow cooking is a wonderful thing, but have you ever thought that you’re slow cooker cooks too slowly?


Obviously, knowing whether or not you’re crock pot is too old and failing is important. If it cooks too slowly bacteria can form, and no one wants to put their family at risk. Crock pots should heat the food within to a temperature upwards of 140 degrees Fahrenheit within four hours. If yours doesn’t, perhaps it’s time to look at buying a new crock pot.


Try this simple test:
Fill your crock pot half full with water.  Cover and cook on low for 8 hours. Remove the lid and immediately take the water temperature. This must be done quickly as the temperature of the water can drop as much as 10-15 degrees each minute.

The water temperature should be 185 degrees Fahrenheit (or 85 degrees Celsius).


If the water temperature is more, you may have to reduce the cooking time in some recipes.  If the temperature is less, you should seriously consider purchasing a new crock pot, because your crock pot is spending too much time in the “bacteria growth zone” of 40-140 degrees Fahrenheit.

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